Virgin "Virgin"

Rok: 2002
Czas: 44:44
Single: "To Ty" ("It\'s You"), "Mam tylko ciebie" ("I Have Only You")

"Virgin" was the debut album Doda\'s first group Virgin. It contained hard rock music with elements of metal. Anyway, the biggest hit was ballad "Mam tylko ciebie".

Virgin "Ficca"

Rok: 2005
Czas: 38:25
Single: "Znak pokoju" ("Sign of Peace"), "2 bajki" ("2 Fairytales")

"Ficca" was the Virgin\'s last album, this time with pop-rock music. It turned out to be a great commercial success with 100,000 sold units. Hit "Znak pokoju" won the people\'s choice award on the international Sopot Festival.

Doda "Diamond Bitch"

Rok: 2007
Czas: 42:21
Single: "Katharsis", "To jest to" ("This Is It")

"Diamond Bitch" was Doda\'s solo debut, where she continued to make catchy pop-rock music. The biggest hit was the ballad "Katharsis". The album went Platinum and spent five weeks at #1 on the Polish Album Chart.

Doda "7 Pokus Głównych"

Rok: 2011
Czas: 62:00
Single: "Bad Girls”, "XXX”, "Fuck It”, "Electrode"

Doda\'s second solo album "The 7 Temptatimixedwas a mixture of rock sound with electronica. It brought hits "Bad Girls", "XXX", "Fuck It" and haunty ballad "Electrode". It had 7 different covers and contained a few surprise items like 3D miniature altar and portraits of Doda. It was another Platinum album in her career.

Virgin "Bimbo"

Rok: 2004
Czas: 48:05
Single: "Dżaga" ("Chick"), "Kolejny Raz" ("Again"), Nie zawiedź mnie ("Don\'t Let Me Down")

On album "Bimbo" Virgin carried on with the same music drift they\'ve chosen for their first album, but with commercial sound. It was their first Gold Record and no. 1 album on Polish sales chart. The biggest hit was "Dżaga".

Virgin "Ficca" (Reedycja)

Rok: 2006
Czas: 54:01
Single: "Szansa" ("A Chance")

Re-issue of "Ficca" contained new huge hit "Szansa", which won the festival of Polish music in Opole and a few years later was chosen by VIVA POLSKA viewers as the best song of the whole decade. Additionally Fans could have found some extras in it. This edition spent six weeks on top of the Polish Album Chart.

Doda "Diamond Bitch" (Reedycja)

Rok: 2008
Czas: 54:48
Single: "Nie daj się" ("Don\'t Give Up"), "Rany" ("Wounds"), "Dziękuję" ("Thank You")

Re-issue of "Diamond Bitch" contained new huge hit "Nie daj się". In addition, it included a DVD with all Doda\'s music videos, also those recorded with Virgin and with her rare private home videos from childhood and teenage years.

Doda "Fly High Tour - Doda Live"

Rok: 2014
Czas: 101:30
Single: "Wkręceni (High Life)"

"Fly High Tour - Doda Live" was Doda\'s first live album in 15 years of her career. It was recorded during her spectacular Fly High Tour in 2013 and released on two discs: DVD and CD. Doda presented her biggest hits from the whole career and a few covers, including "Titanium" of David Guetta and "Wrecking Ball" of Miley Cyrus. The album was promoted by the single "High Life" from Polish movie "Wkręceni".

TOTAL HITS: 16945706